Designer Surfaces

NPT®, the leader in pool tile and decorative pool finishes, is proud to introduce NPT® Designer Surfaces. These exclusive interior pool surfaces reflect the unique beauty of some of the world’s most popular pool tiles, paired with stunning complementary finishes.

NPT’s exquisite, eye-catching Designer Surfaces blend perfectly with all of the elements in your backyard to take your poolscape to a whole new level.

Capture the brilliance of the world's finest gems with the JewelScapes® series of NPT® Designer Surfaces. Whether you choose to sail the seven seas with Verona Yacht Club Blue or Escape to an Evening Sky, a Jewelscapes® Designer Surface will make your backyard sparkle.

Coastal Yacht Club Blue

Escapes Evening Blue

Verona Yacht Club Blue

Give your pool the look of a pebble-bottomed stream with the StoneScapes® series of NPT® Designer Surfaces. From the richest earth tones, to the reflections of the deep blue sea, the colors and textures in the StoneScapes® Designer Surfaces will bring your poolscape to life.

Aztec Barley Sand

Aztec Cobalt Aqua Blue

Bermuda Aqua Blue

Aquarius Tahoe Blue